Roseroot Stonecrop (Rhodiola Rosea)


Purpose: Food additive, contains extract of Poseroot Stonecrop-(Golden root). It increases the mental and physical performance, the coordination and the degree of the concentration, the stability of the organism at cold, heats, noise, stress, toxins, psychological and sex’s disturbances. It stimulates the exchange procedures and the center high - keyed system. It betters cells to breath as well and frees the concealed interior energy to the body. High - powered antioxidant, bonds the free radicals and delays the aging. It expedites reconstructive procedures after injuries and illness. It shortens the time for recuperating after arduous physical and mental overexertions, increases stability to overburdens, accelerates the retention. It makes high fixture at fast changing unfavorable impacts. It raises the night sight and shortens the time for adaptation to eyes. Useful at high loads and diets

Use: 2-4 times a day, 20 drops with 200 ml. of water.

Roseroot Stonecrop  (Rhodiola Rosea)