Scardica (Moursalski) tea

Ingredients: Stalks of Pirin’s tea

Purposes: The herb has anti-cough, diuretic and anti-oxidant effect. It has also refreshing, gaining in health and anti-anemic effect. Neutralizing unhealthy unattached radicals, delays the aging, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, coronary and stroke, delays the development of cancer cells, gives better smoothness and the elasticity of the skin.  It's used at diseases of the prostate and obstructed making, stimulates sexuality. An excellent remedy for kidneys diseases and urinary channels. It helps out for the meltdown and the separation of kidney stones.

Use: 2-3 times a day, 250--300 milliliters  from the infusion.  

Scardica (Moursalski) tea,  (Sideritis Scardica)