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LTD "Ve Pe Pi – Vesko Pipev" is established in 1996. In the beginning the company started with cultivation of herbs, registered in The Bulgarian Red Book. We have plantations in different areas of Bulgaria! Our cultivations are under control of the doctor by Biology, professor Luba Evstatiava from The Bulgarian Academy of Science – department of Botany.
In 2000 we started packing and selling Scardica (Moursalski) tea “Tonika” and water-alcoholic extract of Poseroot Stonecrop-(Golden root) “Tonika”. We distribute our products in the pharmacy network. In 2008 The Company enlarge its production of herbal tea with 12 kinds of herbal tea without any alloy, dye or counterfeit.
The Company offers high quality herbs its own production. We have a modern workshop up to the requirements of The European Union and we work on the lines of ISO 2000, 2008 and HACCP.  .



ЕТ "ВЕ ПЕ ПИ - Веско Пипев" - Велинград

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